Everything Under One Roof.
Expert design / build construction management means lower costs and better, very efficient buildings.

With ProjectBuildings.Com, we've consolidated construction services to ease the design and building process: from architects, designers, and engineers, to project managers and building consultants, you'll find everything under one roof. An expert construction management team will assist you throughout your entire project, coordinating all aspects of every phase of your industrial or commercial project. In addition, we take responsibility for your entire project's success - not just for executing a set of plans. In sum, we provide the optimal conditions for successful building design and construction.

The Design Build Cost-Control Formula.
ProjectBuildings.Com protects your budget by working from a cost basis early in your building project. In addition, we combine our architectural design and value engineering skills to minimize your front-end planning time.

During the planning and work phases, you receive sophisticated but understandable forms of discounted cost analysis. We also give you timely advice on your various payback options and the most efficient allocation of your assets.

Finally, ProjectBuildings.Com buys building materials and construction services every day, so we can pass on to you the best available value based on the most current price and performance information. Commercial and industrial construction management from ProjectBuildings.Com's design builders gives you the kind of reliable cost-controls you depend upon.

Meeting your needs at a fraction of the time and cost.
ProjectBuildings.Com's collective knowledge and experience allows our construction consultants to handle your toughest problems cost effectively and with a minimum of lead time. On occasions when an assignment exceeds our in-house technical expertise, we retain outside consultants. By not paying for specialties that don't relate to your project, we magnify the size of our capabilities while minimizing project expense. Similarly, in the field we have found it makes the most financial sense for our clients and ProjectBuildings.Com to subcontract required services and equipment. This way, you don't have to pay for people and equipment you don't need.

With ProjectBuildings.Com, You Come Out Ahead.

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